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    Next, each person will take a 5-minute written test. They try to get a good geographic cross-section of contestants represented each week. Check mark icon A check mark. Coming to the event does not guarantee you an audition for the live show. Random applications are chosen and people are called up on stage to play a "Wheel of Fortune" speed round. I woke up early and stood in line outside the auditorium, while Best Friend Michelle took her time waking up, then mistakenly wandered in to the auditorium. In addition to watching the show, wheel of fortune tips for auditions, I prepared by doing some research on what are the most common letters in Wheel of Fortune puzzles. Why buy vowels? You are commenting using your Google account. Please also check that caps lock is not engaged. Christian Dixie. It all takes about two hours. Our members get:
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    I was paid for a day's work back in to audition people for Deal or No It's a big ole' bus that tours the country, auditioning people for Wheel of Fortune. If you want any more tips, feel free to email me at [email protected] including "Wheel of Fortune," and has been asked to audition for but first I wanted to share tips on how to get selected for Wheel of Fortune. The video acts as your audition piece, and you have to fit a lot in it in a short amount of time. "Wheel of Fortune's" website offers several tips.
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My Journey To 'Wheel of Fortune': What It's Really Like Behind The Wheel

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Wheel of fortune tips for auditionsThe written test came next, which was a massive blur. Our members get:. Be entertaining, but find the Gary Busey line and run up to it That's why this past May when we were staying at my grandmother's house for my cousin's college graduation party, my Aunt Cathy insisted that I go and audition to be a "Wheel of Fortune" contestant. Saturday, March 6, 2 p. In order to be eligible to win in SPIN ID giveaways, you must log in to your account at least once every six months — but the more you log in, the more Wheel-y great fun you can have! After I found out I was actually going to be a contestant, I started to get nervous just watching the show. At Eastern Michigan University. Santoli manages to complete nearly every puzzle presented, most with just a few letters provided.



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