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    Maria He has tunneled all below the island, and has made a map of the underground. He puts it on. In the next room, you'll find Herbert's digging machine. I cannot go under the gift shop please help me out. Teleport to club penguin missions 8 Sport Shop. Cookieface1 Talk to the worried-looking pink penguin. Trade it to him for the newspaper. Our Club Penguin guides How to become a P. What you want is the propeller hat, the hammer, and the Super Helium, although you have to ask G before you use it. Follow the piece of paper, clicking it every time it lands. Put one piece of the map on top of the other map piece in your inventory. And no spamming or advertising. Click the map either in the top-left part of your screen or in your inventory to club penguin missions 8 which tunnel to take, club penguin missions 8.
Club Penguin - PSA - Mission 8: Mysterious tremors
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